Ultimate Hunting Safaris

Kikuyu Lodge offers two types of safaris, package hunts and daily rate/trophy list hunts. For the first time hunter to the experienced hunter we offer the best hunting and accommodation available in South Africa today . Walk and Stalk thru thick brush or open savanna we have it all . Kikuyu Lodge covers an area of about 13 000 acres .Make Kikuyu Lodge your destination for the Safari of a lifetime . 

Observers are welcome on both types of hunts and more than one can be taken along. They will be charged at the indicated observer rate. Observers as well as hunters can have some tourism/shopping days during a safari. 

See price list for more information


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Package Hunts

The price quoted on a package includes daily rates as well as the animals indicated in the package. These packages appeal specifically to first-time hunters to South Africa and provide them with a cost-effective way of getting to know walk-and-stalk safari hunting as well as a variety of different animals in different terrain. You are allowed to add animals from the pricelist to a package although the package animals will be a priority to hunt. It is good practise to inform your outfitter and/or professional hunter of the extra animals that interest you before the hunt commences so that you do not lose valuable opportunities that may present themselves during hunting. Hunting is done out of Kikuyu Lodge Game Reserve  and/or surrounding concession areas.

See price list for more information

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Daily Rate/Trophy List Hunts

Daily Rate/Trophy List Hunts to have full  freedom of choice when it comes to animals hunted, the hunter would choose the daily rate/trophy list option. In this case the hunter pays the daily rate for the number of days hunted and the price indicated on the price list per animal shot or wounded. Daily rates quoted are for the Eastern Cape and hunting is done out of Kikuyu Lodge unless otherwise stated.

Daily Tariffs – Plains Game Safaris (Rifle Hunting)

 One client and one professional hunter  $420 per hunter per day
 Two clients and one professional hunter  $340 per hunter per day
 Non-hunting observers   $120 per person per day

50 % deposit on total cost of day fees or package is required to confirm booking cancellations. If you cancel more than 120 days prior to the commencement of your safari, 50% of your deposit will be refunded less than 120 days prior to your safari – no refund will be made (Prices subject to change)

Included in Daily Rates

  • Full board and lodging in private luxury thatched chalets
  • Excellent traditional catering
  • All local alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in moderation
  • Laundry Service
  • Licensed and Experienced Professional   Hunter
  • Trained trackers and skinners
  • Hunting licenses and concession fees
  • Transport to and from hunting areas
  • Transportation to the ranch and return to Port Elizabeth
  • Field preparation of trophies

Not Included in Daily Rates

  • International airfares , charter flights and aircraft.
  • Trophy fees as per the pricelist.
  • Rifle Hire – $50-00 per day. 
  • Taxidermy fees , including shipping and dipping for export.
  • Gratuities - 
  • $20-00  p/p/day for Campstaff
  • $30-00 p/p/day for Chef
  • $150-00 p/day for PH's   
  • 15% VAT – Gov tax on Daily Rates only.  

General Information

Flight Information
For hunting in the Eastern Cape, all flights have to be booked to Johannesburg International Airport as the first point of entry and on to Port Elizabeth as the final destination. Delta has direct flights to South Africa. Please note that no inoculations are needed for visiting the Eastern Cape.

Please refer to the currency converter in the footer below.

Electrical Appliances
SA operates on 220V electricity, so a converter or adapter may be necessary for any electrical apparatus. Most chargers for laptops, digital cameras, video cameras etc. are rated from 100V to 240V. Hairdryers from the USA do not work in South Africa therefore each chalet is equipped with a hairdryer.

Safari Checklist

  • Your laundry will be done on daily basis, so there is no need to bring a lot of clothes.

The following should be sufficient

  • 3 Dark Green Shirts (not light khaki)
  • 3 Pairs of comfortable long pants
  • Hat or Cap (preferably dark green)
  • 3 Pairs of Hiking Socks
  • 2 Pairs of worn-in Boots
  • 1 Light Jacket
  • 1 Warm jacket
  • Casual clothing for evenings or tourist days
  • Underwear, toiletries and personal medication
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun block
  • Insect Repellent
  • Light weight binoculars
  • Camera, SD Cards, Charger, Batteries
  • Strong torch with batteries
  • Personal Rifle & at least 60 rounds of Ammunition
  • Ammo Holder

Hunt Months
Prime hunting months are March through to October. The seasons in South Africa are the reverse of yours, so this means you'll be hunting during the African winter and fall days will dry and sunny. Mornings will be rather cold, but by 9:00am or so the temperatures will be in the 60 or 70s. Generally speaking the earlier in the season you hunt the more leaves will be on the trees. This makes it somewhat more difficult for you to see the animals, but conversely makes it easier for you to stalk into shooting range. The later in the season that you hunt the hotter and drier it will be.

You will be accommodated in a private chalet, each chalet having two beds and a private bathroom en-suite with hot and cold running water.

Meals are of traditional cuisine and generally consist of game cooked in a variety of ways. Homemade breads and biltong (dried meat similar to jerky) will be available, as are local beers and wines. We will do our best to avoid serving foods that you do not like and will try to accommodate any special dietary requirements.

Hunting Methods

Different game requires different tactics, each day being different from the next. So, with this thought in mind, we take each day as it comes. Some clients are fitter than others and prefer to walk more, some prefer to rest up in the comforts of our well equipped air conditioned 4×4 vehicles. Usually, plains game is hunted with the aid of our 4×4 vehicles. The game is spotted and stalked on foot from that point.
All tastes are catered for, be it wing or fleet footed game, we will put you on target. Please be sure to advise us of all animals that you wish to hunt before your arrival in RSA as some animals are not available in the Eastern Cape and these can be hunted only if prior notice is given.


Observers can experience the thrill of the hunt from the comfort of our 4×4. They can share in the anticipation, the frustrations and the victories toasted at the end of each hunting day.
Observers often enjoy bringing a video camera to record the hunt.

Suggested Reading List

  • African Hunter II, Boddington and Flack (intro to safari, plus country by country hunting info)
  • Safari Guide, Conrad (how to plan and book a safari, and what to expect)
  • Death in the Long Grass, Capstick (sensational style, but a factual account of what to watch out for)
  • The Perfect Shot, Robertson (selection of cartridges & where to place the shot on a variety of species)
  • Horn of the Hunter, Ruark (classic 1950′s hunt chronicle in Tanzania)
  • Green Hills of Africa, Hemingway (1930′s Kenya & Tanzania, at times more mystical than narrative)
  • African Game Trails, Theodore Roosevelt (a US president chooses one year safari over re-election)
  • SCI Record Book of Trophy Animals, Africa Field Edition XI Vol. 1&2 (where to find what species & how big)
  • The Hunting Report, Don Causey (monthly newsletter, "consumer reports" for hunting)