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All the hunting vehicles used by Kikuyu Lodge are 4×4 pick-ups designed for off road use. We have mainly Double cabs in South Africa for your comfort during transfers and going into the hunting concessions . Kikuyu Lodge uses other vehicles for excursions, photographic safaris and some of the transfers .

Kikuyu Lodge is registered with the South African Police Services for firearms. It means that Kikuyu Lodge can rent hunting firearms from caliber .22 to .375 H&H . Rental arrangements must be made before your arrival. Kikuyu Lodge also has limited bush clothing that can be ordered in advance and put at your disposal on your arrival. Ask us for details.

Kikuyu Lodge Hunting Safaris is a tailor made adventure.

It is always recommended to hunt with your own guns, and you will be able to do so at any of our weaponsdestinations. We will provide you with the necessary forms, and we will take care of getting all African permits on your behalf. You will also need to show a US Customs form upon return to the US, obtained prior to leaving the US, listing the make, model, and serial number of your guns. We also have a limited number of rifles to rent in all our camps. Calibers will vary upon type of hunting to be done. This option has to be booked well in advance, contact us for details

At Kikuyu Lodge :

.7mm Rem mag Colt Sauer with a 6-24 x 50  scope 

.375 H&H Mauser K98 rifle with a 4 -14 x 40 Zeiss scope.

.12 Gauge A. Zoli Shotgun for birds or Blueduiker hunting  .



 Lawrence A. Franks owner of Kikuyu Lodge is a registered Life member of SCI  .

Harry Fourie , General manager is also a registered Life member of SCI and is a registered SCI measurer .

At Kikuyu Lodge we pride ourselves to guide you to throphy quality animals that will make the SCI Recordbook minimums .


Look for us at The DALLAS Show Booth # 4636   and the SCI Show Booth # 3168 in RENO .

Come see us at the shows .



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